1. fluorescent lamp. headache. epilepsy.

  2. This animation was a part of an exhibition that was based on a dream about an exhibition. Marjukka saw a dream about an exhibition and Selina made it happen. In that dream there was an exhibition where there was an animation. The animation was done over a ready made soundtrack. In the animation a small man jumps from a pile of bacon and surfs through the kitchen sink.

    dream: marjukka parkkinen

    animation: selina väliheikki & jukka kiistala

    soundtrack: dj uijui - bacon boogie


  3. Bättre Folk Festival 2014

    Asa performing in Hailuoto. June 2014.

  4. hailuoto. finland. bättre folk festival. 2014

  5. crybabies collective

  6. a holiday in nyc.

  7. in iceland. accompanied by the girlfriend and sister. april 2014


  8. Music Video: Mustarinta - Metsästyskausi

    A musicvideo with three boys playing war games in the woods. Includes watercolor animations as special FX.

  9. ADP d.i.y. ● When the computer creates it on its own..


  10. Lokit ● Korpi



  11. Work: Seela Sella and Rakel Liekki Saving the Arctic (Greenpeace)


  12. Work: Reino Nordin Climbs a Crane (Greenpeace)


  13. Work: Street Art by Jani Tolin and Iida Sarpaniemi (Greenpeace)

     A video of artists Jani Tolin and Iida Sarpaniemi creating an art piece and talking about the arctic.

    Music: RRKK - Extinction


  14. Work: A Voice Over for an Animation (Greenpeace)

    I got to record and produce a Finnish voice over for a Greenpeace animation called Tämä on Arktis. The narrator is Finnish actress Krista Kosonen. Don’t forget to protest!


  15. Work: Basso Live - Vuokko Hovatta

    Vuokko Hovatta sings Yhdet hautajaiset, from her new album at Basso Live 30.10.13. She’s accompanied by her guitar player and producer Markus Koskinen.